Where to Take Amazing Portraits in Downtown New Hope

There are few towns along the Delaware River that can rival the artistic charm and vibrant energy of downtown New Hope, Pennsylvania. This town is iconic - and for good reason. It has a long history as a congregating place for artists & musicians, the LGBTQ+ community, and anyone who desires a safe space for free expression. Pair this with a stunning riverside location with a canal running parallel to main street, a vibrant food & beverage scene, & a hub for the performing arts, and you've got the perfect date night spot. If you're like me and enjoy drooling over antiques and vintage finds, prepare to have the time of your life.

For this reason, the downtown area has been my go-to suggestion whenever a couple asks for location guidance. I get so excited to be the first to introduce my favorite spots, give restaurant recommendations, and set you up for a great night in town together once our session is finished.

There is no way I could possibly share every photogenic corner and side street in town, but I've put together a highlights reels of some of my go-t0 locations.

Pro Tip: Never, ever, ever plan your session on a Friday or Saturday evening. New Hope's charm is no secret and you'll be hard pressed to find an unoccupied inch of side-walk even in the wintertime. My suggestion is to pick an early morning or a weeknight.

And without further adieu, my top places to bring couples in downtown New Hope!

1. Take a stroll along the Delaware Canal Tow Path

I mean, duh. It takes about 20 seconds upon arriving to find one of the many access points onto the towpath trail. Expect lush greens & cute bridges, lust over quirky yet beautiful backyards, and see if you can spot a few turtles along the way.

2. Dance in front of the mural at the Lock Tender's House.

This cute little museum features the most charming mural with scenes from the Delaware Canal. I couldn't think of another spot that so perfectly encapsulates the Pennsylvania river town vibe. I personally love all the splashes of red & blue, and the glimpses of ivy you can catch growing on the building.

3. View the water from the New Hope - Lambertville Bridge.

Are you a sunset person? Please take advantage of golden hour out on the bridge, with unobstructed views of New Hope & Lambertville, and open space to soak in the last rays of sunshine. I love that the light has looked different every time I've photographed here, yet remains dreamy no matter what.

4. Visit the iconic New Hope Railroad Station

This spot is inherently romantic, and every time I walk by I can't help but to picture this photograph from World War 2 taken at this exact station.

4. Literally anywhere on Main Street.

This is cheating because it isn't any one location, but all of the spots I just listed can be visited in one big loop if you plan correctly, and there are hidden gems all along the way. My suggestion is to just follow the light, look for cool textures, and explore! I find something new every time, which is why I'll never get sick of coming here.

Bonus: Don't forget about Lambertville

I'm not going to lie, I get so caught up in all the energy of New Hope, I often neglect its New Jersey counterpart. Lambertville is a tad less touristy and full of even more art galleries and coffee shops. I'll typically pull my couples over the bridge for a quick shot in front of my favorite ivy before heading back to PA, but I really urge you to take the time and explore the town properly.

Thank you thank you!