Natural & Woodsy Backyard Pennsylvania Wedding

Jess & Steve were such a joy to photograph. The last few months of planning were a challenge, and I’m sure the year was filled with all sorts of logistical nightmares (such is wedding planning in 2020)- but we made it! And it was gorgeous, and the location was personal to them, and I can’t picture the day unfolding in any other way than it did. These two were a true reminder that wedding plans scarcely go without challenges, road blocks, and surprises, but as long as you get to celebrate your love and share in those moments with those you care about, it’s all going to be okay. These two were the sweetest, and I’m not just saying that because they saved me a jar of honey from my favorite shop in Asheville. 🍯

Jess & Steve's advice for couples: "Remember what is important about this day and don't get hung up on stressful details that won't matter."

Venue: The house that Jess' dad built!

Invitations: Custom designed by Jess

Catering: Clean Plate Club Food Truck

Gown: Blush Fashion

Suit: Tweed Maker

Shoes: Redwing Heritage

Gifts: Asheville Bee Charmer Honey