Longwood Gardens Conservatory Engagement Session // Tina & Tiju

These photos would never indicate that they were taken in mid-December on a day that was a bit of a flurry mess come sunset. And for that reason, Longwood Gardens continues to be a go-to location for couples portraits. With a huge conservatory with endless pockets of beautiful diffused light and lush greenery, weather and season doesn't matter. And as a bonus, in the summer, it's a great spot for a post-session date night with dinner, drinks, and a stroll through the grounds.

You'll notice we got lucky with a few minutes of golden hour sunshine here and there, which added a nice little pop of warmth on top of the wonderful diffused, flattering window-light.

I loved how Tina and Tiju chose to wear colors that popped SO nicely in front of all the deep green tones. It's a great idea to not only pick outfits that compliment each other well, but also work nicely with your environment.

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