It's great to meet you!

     Hi, I'm Anna! I'm a Pennsylvania-based, full-time wedding and elopement photographer. I have focused entirely on photographing couples in love for the past five years. I have photographed 200+ person weddings, self-uniting ceremonies, and everything in between. In 2020, I also began offering all day adventure elopements to help couples craft their perfect day on their own terms.

I am located in Pennsylvania and currently offer local rates for the northeast United States, as well as Asheville, NC for traditional weddings. 

All elopement packages include travel for anywhere within the United States.


I cannot wait for us to get to know each other in the months leading up to your wedding.

This is my favorite job in the world because I get to befriend the coolest people who continue to inspire and fuel my creativity.

a few things about me:

I am currently designing an off-grid home on wheels with my partner and co-photographer, Trevor. 

I consider food to be the ultimate love language.

I believe we are the most free when we break away from the expectations society has placed on us.


We fight for human rights.

We believe in protecting the environment.

We follow leave no trace principles.

Black lives matter.

LGBTQ lives matter.

This is an actively hate-free zone.



Julia & Anthony

Anna was absolutely wonderful. She was calm, easy-going, professional, warm, friendly and highly skilled at her craft. She immediately put us at ease with her relaxed manner and she captured so many amazing shots during our engagement shoot. She was also very patient and accommodating with scheduling changes for our engagement shoot. Her thorough and detailed wedding questionnaire helped us sort out what photos we wanted and needed and helped us to wrangle all the different family members we wanted photos with. The wedding day photos turned out beautifully. She captured so many special moments that I wasn't expecting to see and all her photos were a perfect representation of our wedding and the people we shared it with. We're so happy we chose Anna as our photographer. I would recommend her in a heartbeat!


Jamie & Alex

Anna and I clicked from the beginning and our beginning started a long time before our wedding. I was all over the place when it came to planning and changed my ideas around a million times. I'm pretty sure I had over 100 emails to Anna prior to booking. The one thing we both agreed on is photography is the most important thing on your day. You can try on a 1000 dresses and pick the one but you wear it for hours, the photos you have in that dress you have for lifetimes. I wanted to work with someone who was going to take my wild visions and bring it to life, and Anna achieved that and more. Our engagement session had me hooked, and I couldn't wait to see the photos from our Bowling/ Arcade wedding and they were worth every single dollar and more that Anna was paid. I am two months out from my wedding and look at my photos almost daily. I was excited for portraits because everyone loves a good posed photo all dolled up but my favorites are the candid photos from the reception and the first look photos. Anna went above and beyond for every single idea I had brought them to life in beautiful photographs that I have already begun printing. Photography may be expensive but the hard work she put into it and the photos you will have long after the flowers die and the dress doesn't fit, those are your memories, those are worth the best, and Anna is the best.


Michelle & Scott

We hired Anna for our wedding in New Hope. Anna did such a great job and we were so pleased with how the photos turned out! The wedding day was extremely hectic and I was so happy that Anna scoped out some beautiful places for photos and ensured we got a photo with everyone on our list. I was adamant about not missing out on cocktail hour, but she talked us into going on a short walk to get a few more photos together, and I'm SO glad she did... they're my favorite shots and the little walk was just what my husband and I needed to have a moment together. The photos came out even better than I expected and she shared them with us quickly. I highly recommend!!!


Katie & Deb

Anna was the BEST decision we made. She was very accommodating with our LGBTQ wedding and sensitive to our non-traditional requests. I cannot recommend her enough. Anna is nothing but professional and a joy to work with. I appreciate her strong, quiet presence. We chose her to photograph our wedding because she both gives direction and blends into the background simultaneously, giving me and my partner the ability to relax and enjoy each other's company instead of worrying what we looked like being photographed. We hired Anna for our engagement shoot, wedding and pregnancy announcement, and I can't imagine hiring anyone else to capture the most important moments of our lives.


Gina & Paul

Anna is top notch at what she does. She took our engagement and wedding photos and we will treasure all of them forever! She takes beautiful pictures and we love her editing style--it's not too light & airy or too dark & moody. She also has a photojournalist style that captures emotions without things feeling too staged. On top of that, she is gracious, kind, and talented. My brother mentioned that he barely noticed she was there at the wedding, yet she captured all the big and small moments--which as a wedding guest is the ideal compliment! For the quality of her photos and her skill, her prices are unbeatable. She is truly a great listener--flexible, professional, and understanding. 10/10 would recommend Anna! Hire this woman!!!

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